Scuba webbing: A heavyweight, resin impregnated nylon webbing that is much more rigid than regular webbing.

Hook and loop: Two part fastener system, hook is the “scratchy” part and located on the tip of the belt, loop is the “fuzzy” side.

Solution dyeing: Process where individual yarns are dyed and then woven together (opposed to piece-dyeing, where fabrics are woven then dyed). This improves the durability and reduces the IR signature of the webbing.

Bonded thread: A multifilament thread where many small nylon threads are twisted together and then coated with a bonding agent that aids in holding all the filaments together which increases durability and wear characteristics.

Tail retention: The ability of the belt buckle to keep the belt secure when placed under load. The design and construction of the Specialist buckle allows it to keep the belt secure even if the hook and loop separates.

Edge sealing: Hook and loop edges are heat sealed to increase abrasion resistance.

Seam sealant: Special adhesive that increases the strength of a seam and reduces fraying on fabric. In addition to heat sealing the hook sections have seam sealant applied to them which increases overall strength and longevity.

High cycle life loop: Loop (the fuzzy side of a hook and loop fastener) has a usable service life and slowly decreases in holding strength until it ultimately wears out. The high cycle life loop in the Specialist consists of tiny loops opposed to the “fuzzy” texture of traditional loop which means it retains its holding power and strength significantly longer than traditional loop.

ShivWorks: The color option listed as ShivWorks (black with red stitching) is an exclusive colorway of the Specialist.2 that was produced in collaboration with the highly regarded ShivWorks training company in their company colors of black and red.


Underbelt: In a two-part belt system an underbelt is used in conjunction with an outer belt. It is the belt that threads through your belt loops and uses a loop fastener covered exterior that the outer belt attaches to.

Buckle: Traditional underbelts do not use a buckle and are only held together with hook and loop; this precludes them from usage independent of the outer belt. The Specialist buckle allows the belt to be easily sized (unlike a traditional underbelt) and provides retention of the tail, allowing the Specialist.Duty to be used as an underbelt and a stand-alone belt.

Loop coverage: The Specialist.Duty has loop fastener covering almost the entire exterior of the belt. The tail features 1” loop opposed to the 1.5” loop covering the rest of the belt. This 1” loop still provides coverage for the outer belt to attach to while allowing the tail to be durable enough for usage as a stand-alone belt.

Dual-purpose: For professional users the Specialist.Duty functions as a low-vis belt for PC/UC work but also gives the ability to quickly attach a duty belt if needed.