Men's belt sizing:

Select a belt 2” larger than your actual pants size.

Belts can adjust approximately 2" smaller than the labelled size to 3" larger than the labelled size (size 28-30 adjust 2" smaller to 2" larger).

Please note that ‘Pants Size’ is not necessarily the number on the size label that is sewn into your pants. Pants size is an actual measurement in inches and with the proliferation of vanity sized garments oftentimes one’s actual pants size and the labeled size in their garments are not the same. If you wear multiple pants sizes, select a belt based off of the largest size pants you wear.

If you do not know your ‘Pants Size’ size it is best to use the labeled size of a pair of trousers or dress pants to determine your ‘Pants Size’ for the purposes of selecting the proper size belt. Trousers or dress pants tend to run truer to size and yield better results. Blue jeans and similar type work-wear are not recommended for determining one’s actual ‘Pants Size’ as oftentimes the labeled size and actual waist size are not the same.