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1.5” Width - Available Sizes: 30-46

  • 1.5” Black nylon webbing (5700lb breaking strength)

  • Synthetic core (allows for extreme rigidity and comfort)

  • AustriAlpin® Cobra® Hybrid (1.5” male, 1” female)

  • Mil-spec bonded black nylon thread

  • Chemically stiffened tail for threading through holster/sheath attachments

  • Graith DRS (Drag Reducing Strips)

  • Made in USA

The Graith Sanmai line is the next evolution in our carry belt technology. Our Sanmai belt design layers a synthetic core between the outer nylon webbing to create a belt with unrivaled rigidity that also provides all day comfort. The synthetic core, being narrower than the webbing, creates a “crush zone” on each edge of the belt, with softer webbing on each side, eliminating the discomfort that can be caused by belts stiffened with scuba webbing.  

The Graith Sanmai.QD is completely handmade, with each synthetic core being hand sanded and individually cut to length. The Graith DRS is made from hand cut and hand folded hexstop fabric to reduce snag points and increase the belt’s abrasion resistance.

The Sanmai.QD pairs the Sanmai belt construction with an AustriAlpin® Cobra® Hybrid buckle, which provides the following benefits:

  • Quick-disconnect locking mechanism to easily hook or unhook the belt (both tabs must be pushed, pushing one tab will not unlock the buckle to ensure buckle does not disconnect accidentally)

  • Friction bar adjuster makes sizing the belt easy and prevents the belt from coming undone (the more pressure applied to the belt the harder the friction bar grips the tail of the belt)

  • 1” female end can be threaded through most belt loops which means the belt does not need to be resized each time you put it on

Thanks to the buckle the Sanmai.QD does not require a hook and loop closure to be secure. As such it comes with the following options for fastening the tail: an elastic keeper, a One-wrap® strip and adhesive backed hook and loop squares. Use of these options is based on individual preference and is not required for proper functioning of the belt.